Why You Should become a Member at GVC

You will receive many benefits just for being a member!

  • Members receive unlimited access to all climbing areas of the gym as well as access to fitness and training equipment.
  • Includes access to all yoga classes.
  • Includes access to introduction classes.
  • Members receive a 15% discount on select equipment offered in our retail shop.
  • Free gear rentals for the first month of membership.
  • Members receive 12 free “guest pass” per year!
    (May only use 1 guest pass per month.)
  • GVC members receive the benefit of discounted day passes of $10 at The Monkey House climbing gym in Carbondale, CO.

Being a member at GVC is a fun way to stay active and stay in shape. Its a great means of giving yourself a thought-provoking challenge while providing an interesting physical outlet. A GVC membership gives you a chance to work toward your personal fitness and strength goals in a comfortable environment full of different types of equipment. You will also receive access to our generous schedule of yoga, fitness, and professional climbing training.


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