Why You Should become a Member at GVC

You will receive many benefits just for being a member!

  • Members receive unlimited access to all climbing areas of the gym as well as access to fitness and training equipment.
  • Includes access to all yoga classes.
  • Includes access to introduction classes.
  • Members receive a 15% discount on select equipment offered in our retail shop.
  • Free gear rentals for the first month of membership.
  • Members receive 12 free “guest pass” per year!
    (May only use 1 guest pass per month.)
  • GVC members receive the benefit of discounted day passes of $10 at The Monkey House climbing gym in Carbondale, CO.

Being a member at GVC is a fun way to stay active and stay in shape. Its a great means of giving yourself a thought-provoking challenge while providing an interesting physical outlet. A GVC membership gives you a chance to work toward your personal fitness and strength goals in a comfortable environment full of different types of equipment. You will also receive access to our generous schedule of yoga, fitness, and professional climbing training.

All billing inquiries must be submitted within 30 days of a charge.

Membership Options

  • Private Instruction: $50/Hour
  • Weekly Group Training: included with all memberships
  • Additional Payment is Required for Skills Seminars

Day Passes

17 and Under$15
10 and Under$10

Punch Passes (11 Visits)

17 and Under$150

Pre-Paid Membership

Adult - 1 Month$99
Adult - 3 Month$275
17 and Under - 1 Month$75
17 and Under - 3 Month$275
Adult - Annual PIF$915
Adult Couple - Annual PIF$1730
17 and Under - Annual PIF Add On$350
17 and Under - Annual PIF$815

Monthly Auto-Pay

All Auto Pay Freezes $10/Month/EFT

Adult$83 (+ $20 One-Time Sign Up Fee)
2nd Adult$63
17 and Under Add On$35 / Each
17 and Under$60 (+ $20 One-Time Sign Up Fee)
CMU Student$60

Military, Police, Hospital, EMT, District 51 Teacher

Must Show Current ID

1 Month$89
Monthly Auto-Pay / EFT $74
Monthly Auto-Pay / EFT 2nd Adult$63
Monthly Auto-Pay / EFT Additional (17 and Under)$35 / Each
Annual PIF$815
Annual PIF Additional (17 and Under)$350

Rental Gear

10 Years and Under Receive Free Rentals

Package - Harness, Shoes, Chalk, and Belay Device$10
Lead Rope$5
Chalk Bag and Chalk$3
ATC Belay Device and Carabiner$3

Cancelling and Freezing Membership

  • Please do all freezing and cancellations online. Please change membership here.
  • Members can freeze their memberships indefinitely for $10/per individual.
  • Membership status change requests must be made before GVC closes for business the day before billing. The billing date is on the 1st of every month. This means that if you would like your membership canceled or frozen on April 1, 2023, you must submit a form by the end of the business day (prior to GVC building closing) on March 31, 2023.
  • Once billing has been processed on the 1st of every month you are “locked in” for the month and no refunds will be issued.
  • Billing errors need to be disputed within 30 days of the charge. Any charges post 30 days will not be refunded.
  • Anyone in military that is freezing account to deploy must provide proof and freeze will be free.

If you decline on our billing date, we will give you until the end of the month you declined to update your billing information.
If your billing information is not updated and previous balance paid by months end, then your membership will be canceled.
You will have to pay an initiation fee to start your membership back up.

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