Grand Valley Climbing


Grand Valley Climbing is not just a climbing gym! We are also a professional yoga studio. We offer a wide range of classes taught by certified instructors at competitive rates. Our yoga studio overlooks the classic Bookcliff views while still projecting a sense of light and tranquility during your practice. With plenty of room in our devoted second floor studio, our classes will accommodate you and your friends! Complimentary rental quality mats and blocks are also available.

Our yoga classes welcome everyone regardless of fitness level or prior yoga experience. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles to make you into a well-rounded climber!


Yoga classes are 60-minutes. During our class you will learn the fundamentals of vinyasa flow while building a strong foundation for your practice. This class moves at a average pace and connects breath to movement, while focusing on alignment.  Power Flow Yoga will increase your strength, balance and mind. Beginners to pro’s bring yourself in roll out your matt and start the deep breathing because you have no where else to be for the 1 hour you are in our class.


We provide yoga matts, blocks and other necessary materials needed to complete our classes.


  • Drop-in yoga :   $20 (Day Pass purchase)

Linda Toth

Linda Toth has been a blessing to Grand Valley Climbings yoga program. Linda created Half Moon Yoga to provide Grand Junction with a strong community of yoga instructors that are passionate about living what they teach and bringing their whole selves to their classes. She shares yoga instructors whom would suite Grand Valley Climbing’s customers and their needs. After taking classes at Grand Valley Climbing she hopes you find space for inquiry and self discovery- a place where people will feel inspired to grow into who they always dreamed they could be.

Toren Wagner

Monday Classes

Toren grew up in Florida, spent most of his adult life in California, and has only recently become a proud member of the Grand Junction community. He first started practicing yoga in 2012 while living in Los Angeles, CA. He kept active with soccer, tennis, hiking and beach volleyball, but was looking for another outlet to strengthen his body with less impact on the joints. Little did Toren know that while yoga is a great practice to build physical strength, it is also an important way to build mental strength and mindfulness. He was first introduced to yoga at a hot studio and now it’s his favorite environment to practice in. 

Toren completed his RYT 200 hour certification in early 2019, with an emphasis on a Baptiste influenced training. Though power flow yoga is a favorite flavor, he would also like to teach a Yin style yoga as well. Once upon a time, Toren taught ballroom dance and attributes a lot of who he is today to dance and yoga. His goal is to help spread his love of yoga to the world, as it is not only a great activity but a wonderful way of life.

Lindsey Lohr

Wednesday Classes

Lindsey was first introduced to yoga as a university student in Texas through her university’s group fitness program. As someone who had never been a natural athlete, Lindsey was initially drawn to yoga as a non-competitive way to stay active and healthy. Ultimately, she discovered yoga provided a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment to develop and grow both mentally and physically. Lindsey has always loved learning and spent most of her life wanting to be a teacher. After graduating with a MA in Teaching English as  Foreign Language and working in the university environment, she realized that while her passion for learning and teaching had not diminished, that perhaps it needed a different outlet. Some of the most joyful periods of her life had been when she had been working with youth and young adults in an active mentoring environment, which led her to consider teaching yoga. Over the past few years Lindsey has discovered that teaching yoga allows her to combine two of her passions: being active and helping people learn and grow. She has been teaching yoga since early 2016 at Grand Valley Climbing and the Hamilton Recreation Center at Colorado Mesa University. When not teaching yoga, Lindsey can be found somewhere outside with her husband, Brett, playing board games with friends, or snuggling with her cats!

Grand Valley Climbing hopes to see you soon in our yoga classes! Sign up now.