Linda Toth

Linda Toth has been a blessing to Grand Valley Climbings yoga program. Linda created Half Moon Yoga to provide Grand Junction with a strong community of yoga instructors that are passionate about living what they teach and bringing their whole selves to their classes. She shares yoga instructors whom would suite Grand Valley Climbing’s customers and their needs. After taking classes at Grand Valley Climbing she hopes you find space for inquiry and self discovery- a place where people will feel inspired to grow into who they always dreamed they could be.


Tuesday Classes
Climbing Yoga 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

Brooke was born and raised in Minnesota. Brooke moved to Colorado to obtain her B.S. in Integrative Health Care at MSU Denver.
She is a board certified Health and Wellness Coach and a registered Yoga Instructor.
In her free time you will find Brooke outdoors exploring the mountains. She is an avid yogi and climber.

Sara Brooker

Thursday Classes
Climbing Yoga 5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

Sara has been climbing for over 6 years and loves it all; whether it’s pulling on plastic or jamming splitter cracks, she’s always in her happy place when she’s on the wall. As an avid climber and outdoor enthusiast, Sara believes yoga is a vital component to keeping the body and mind strong, healthy, and happy through all the various endeavors of life! After practicing yoga for over 7 years, Sara became a certified 200-hour yoga instructor in 2019. Her classes focus on mindful movement, proper alignment, and simply feeling good. She is excited to be combining two of her passions and sharing yoga with the climbing community!

Acro Yoga

Temporarily Unavailable
Ben is a Grand Junction native who loves everything the western slope of CO has to offer…except its proximity to the great ocean waves (although he has been known to surf the local river waves). He is a certified Acro yoga teacher through Acro yoga international. Along with his very talented acro partner, Kaila, he is excited to share his knowledge with the local community. He wants you to put down your phone and pick your friends up!

Kaila is originally from Missouri, but the mountains and desert were calling her to the place she’s spent the last 7 years of her life. She is somewhat new to grand junction after moving here from Glenwood Springs. She is always down to make new friends! Climbing is her number one passion, but Acro yoga is her second favorite challenge.  Kaila was introduced to Acro yoga on her & Ben’s first date, and continues to fall in love with both! She is very excited to co teach Acro yoga to the local community!

Please bring your own matt and blocks due to Covid-19 we are unavailable to provide theses at this time.

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