Grand Valley Climbing

Intro to Kids Climbing

Aimed towards ages 6 and up, Kids Intro will teach kids the basics of climbing and technique.  An instructor supervises, belays and teaches your kids new skills within the class.  This class is great for younger children that want to improve their climbing skills in a small social environment.

Class Schedule :
Monday 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Requirements to Join :

  • Being consistently on time
  • Demonstration of team work and sportsmanship
  • Excitement to learn more about climbing

Club Member Benefits

  • 1+ hours a week of direct instruction from GVC instructors
  • Personalized climbing games and mental focus training
  • Comaraderie and confidence building


  • Current GVC waiver and orientation on file

How much does it Cost?

  • Free for Members
  • $12 drop-in for non-members


Interested in Joining TEAM GVC or our Development Team?

Contact us and we will schedule a time for you to meet with our coaches and practice with our team. Your first practice will always be free!

e-mail us to schedule
Call us:  (970) 644-5821