Grand Valley Climbing

Group Climbing


A GVC-Staffed group climbing events incorporate 2 hours of climbing mixed in with education, self-confidence boosting, trust building, strength training, and stamina building. These group events are geared towards any type of group. Youth sports teams, businesses, church groups, scout groups, or maybe just a group of friends looking to try something new. Group Climbing Events must be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance.


  • Harnesses and Gym Orientation for all event participants
  • 2 hours of total event time
  • Event Host that will orient the event participants and oversee all climbing activities
  • Party room and party supplies available for extra charge (tables, chairs, table settings, refrigerator, sink)
  • Day pass for all event participants to continue using the facility after the event is complete

What to Bring

  • Comfortable and athletic clothing
  • Sneakers (other shoes not allowed)


  • $75 deposit – covers room, rentals, and hosts
  • 5-10 Climbers: $15 each – includes harnesses
  • 11-20 Climbers: $14 each – includes harnesses
  • 21-35 Climbers: $13 each – includes harnesses
  • If a GVC staff member is not required, you may inquire about simple group rates or room rentals by emailing

Contact us for additional information and pricing options.




  • All climbers and spectators must have a current GVC Release of Liability Form (waiver) on file to enter any climbing area.
    If the climber is under 18 years of age, the waiver must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. This waiver will be kept on file for one year.
  • All climbers must complete a Gym Orientation with GVC staff before being granted access to any climbing area. This orientation is mandatory and will include an introduction to all of our climbing area, climbing systems, facility rules and policies. This orientation normally lasts 5-10 minutes and will be kept on file with staff for one year.

Online Waiver

Printable Waiver