Routes for All Levels

Grand Valley Climbing offers different challenges for all levels of climbers. Our staff of route setters systematically places climbing holds on the walls to create unique routes; these routes will vary in difficulty and also in technique required to get to the top. On our walls you will find holds of various colors marking a certain path, or route, from the ground to the top of the wall. There are no rules dictating that a climber must stay on any particular color, but we do always encourage climbers to follow routes and challenge themselves. For first time climbers, climbing an indoor route is the best way to get a feel for what it is like to climb outdoors. Route climbing allows climbers to add a mental challenge to the physical challenge of rock climbing. This also allows climbers to track their progression or hone in on a particular technique.

Roped Routes

Our routes will be graded on one of two scales. The roped climbs are graded on the Yosemite Decimal System with 5.5 being the easiest route found in the gym and up to 5.14. The majority of the routes in the 5.8 to 5.12 range.

Bouldering Routes

The routes in the bouldering areas will be graded on the Hueco System with the range being between V0 and V14. The higher the number indicates the harder the route.

Route Tags

Found at the beginning of every route will be a route tag pinned underneath the start hold or start holds of the route. On this route tag, you will find many bits of useful information including: the route’s grade, the name of the route, the set date of the route, the setter’s initials, the limitations of the route (lead only, auto belay only, etc.) and any other potential hazards foreseen in the route.

We have routes available in all of our climbing areas and every climbing area we offer presents a different type of challenge to complete the routes.

  • Routes on our 30 ft beginner walls will contain large holds and easy foot placement creating a fun introduction to climbing.
  • Routes on our 50 ft lead wall will be directed towards more experienced climbers with more challenging movements and technical difficulty.
  • Routes in our auto belay climbing areas will be varied in difficulty and will provide a climber the ability to practice their desired techniques on different levels of walls.
  • Routes in our bouldering area concentrate on more difficult movements over a shorter period of time, some routes must be topped out, similar to climbing outdoors, in order to be completed.
  • All levels of all routes will contain different styles of climbing.

Route Setting Cleanliness

Our routes will be replaced often and the holds will be washed. This gives our community of climbers a fresh set of climbs on a consistent basis.

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