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We can order any item for you. Please email us or ask our front desk staff for an order form.

Grand Valley Climbing’s retail shop is full of climbing equipment from the industry’s leading brands suited for all levels of climbers. We also stock snacks and drinks for climbers to refuel. Gear up here for your next outdoor climbing adventure, come on by to receive friendly advice about your first pair of shoes, or pick up your very own belay device to use in the gym. Our highly trained staff will help you get to know all about your gear or be able to order any piece of climbing equipment for you that we do not have on our shelves. Members will receive extra special discounts!

What We Offer

Personal Protective Equipment including:

  • Harnesses
  • Belay Devices

Climbing shoes from Black Diamond

Climbing Training Equipment

Climbing Accessories including:

  • Chalk Bags
  • Gym Bags
  • Chalk
  • Climbing Tape
  • Hand Salves
  • Grand Valley Climbing Souvenirs

Would you like to purchase gear that is not on our shelf? Please ask our front desk staff directly. We can order this for you!

Why Shop for Gear at GVC?

Why not? With our wide range of equipment, member’s discount, and friendly intelligent staff to help you find the right thing its a no-brainer! Buy gear where you will be able to use it. Our staff loves talking about climbing and climbing equipment with anyone. Come by for friendly advice on your next item on your wish list. If you want something that we do not have in stock. We will order it for you and ship it to the gym. You will still receive your member discount!

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