GVC’s most obvious and plentiful amenity. We offer over 14,000 sq feet of climbing on walls ranging from 12ft to 50 ft. we offer climbing for all experience levels and ages. From your first time up an auto belay protected route, a challenging overhanging route in the lead pit, a climb on one of over 45 top ropes, a jam fest on one of two artificial cracks, or a technical boulder route. We are proud to offer the most diverse grouping of indoor climbing in the Western Slope under one climate controlled roof.

Climber Instruction and Training

In order to help generate a well-educated, strong community of climbers in the Grand Valley we will offer a series of instructional courses and serious training classes geared for different levels of climbers. We will offer introduction courses for novice climbers, lead climbing and belaying classes, climbing movement and technique courses, and a variety of more rigorous climber training classes for those looking to get to the next level.


Grand Valley Climbing is not just a climbing gym! We are also a professional yoga studio. We offer a wide range of classes taught by certified instructors at competitive rates. Our yoga studio overlooks the classic Bookcliff views while still projecting a sense of light and tranquility during your practice. With plenty of room in our devoted second floor studio, our classes will accommodate you and your friends! Complimentary rental quality mats and blocks are also available.

Auto Belays

New to climbing? Come on by anyways! We would love to teach you how to get set up on our auto belays. These are spectacular for single person climbing, family climbing or for  your kids. Auto Belays allow you to remain safe and not need a belayer.

Spectator Areas and Gym Facilities

Want to sit back and watch your climber climb to the top of the walls? Grand Valley Climbing has over 1,000 sq ft of spectator space filled with tables and chairs so you have a place to take your climber’s picture in comfort! GVC has a large bathroom and shower facility and even a water fountain equipped with a water bottle filler. We also offer a full range of snacks and drinks in our retail area.

Special Group Events

Birthday parties, lock-ins, merit badge classes, team building events and group climbing events for all ages. We offer a multitude of special events for all sizes and ages! Perfect for your church group, corporate events or just a bunch of your friends. Grand Valley Climbing staff will orient and operate your group so you can enjoy the experience. Call us today to schedule a unique and unforgettable group event at GVC today!

Retail Shop and Concessions

Grand Valley Climbing’s retail shop is full of climbing equipment from the industry’s leading brands suited for all levels of climbers. We also stock snacks and drinks for climbers to refuel. Gear up here for your next climbing adventure, come on by to receive friendly advice about your first pair of shoes, or pick up your very own belay device to use in the gym. Our highly trained staff will help you get to know all about your gear or be able to order any piece of climbing equipment for you that we do not have on our shelves. Members will receive extra special discounts!


GVC has an entire second level in our facility dedicated to getting you to your personal training goals. We even have professional climbers teaching some of our classes! We offer use of our training area and equipment to any day pass user or member over the age of 18. A well rounded and complete inventory of equipment will be available including:

  • A 15 ft adjustable tilted climbing wall
  • Various campus training systems
  • Hanging exercises using Atomik Bombs and Missiles
  • Cardio machines
  • Squat racks and free weight systems
  • Kettle bells
  • Resistance bands and other fitness equipment.
  • Moon Board

Our fitness area is protected with a half inch thick rubberized flooring so that when you are finished with your work out you can drop your weights on the ground and move on to the next exercise. This experience is sweetened even more by the view overlooking the main climbing areas of the gym, giving you a psych to train harder!

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