Grand Valley Climbing

About Us

Grand Valley climbing was created and conceived by Owner David Cummings with help from family and local friends. The building was constructed in the summer of 2014 and the first operational day of the company was September 14, 2014.

Our Mission our Goals

The goal of Grand Valley Climbing is to offer a healthy, social, and fun lifestyle choice for the entire grand valley community. We offer climbing, training, yoga, and kids programming in a high-quality, professionally organized facility. With this opportunity we hope to expand the community of climbers by giving new climbers a comfortable setting for being introduced into the sport and offering the established climbers a challenging and dynamic place to practice their craft. We will strive to create and offer the best possible service and programming for anyone who enters the gym in order to further the future of western slope climbing.


Our Team

David Cummings


David Cummings started climbing over 20+ years ago and has always had a passion for sharing climbing with others. He loves all forms of climbing from bouldering to big wall. When David moved to Grand Junction he decided that the western slope needed a state of the art indoor climbing gym. After years of work and combining his career with his passion David was able to open Grand Valley Climbing. David spends his time at the gym in many and all roles along with high-level strategy planning, major corporate decisions and overall operations. When he is not enjoying the outdoors or at the gym he spends time with his family Brittany and two sons Alexander and Benjamin. David enjoys teaching his boys to learn to climb and it has become a sincere hobby for both the boys inside and outside.

Brittany Stich

Event Coordinator

Brittany Stich fell in-love with climbing 9 years ago and to this day she has never let go! She met David rock climbing and Grand Valley Climbing gained Brittany as the Event Coordinator in 2018. Brittany works hard to keep Grand Valley Climbing up to date and enhanced in many ways behind the scenes like feedback and counsel along with developing growth and prosperity to the family of GVC! Brittany also works as a Neuro/Trauma/Stroke Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital where she combines her passion with work giving her heart to heal others. Brittany and David are an incredible team as working partners, climbing partners and partners in raising Benjamin and Alexander Cummings.

Rob Pizem

Head Trainer

Rob Pizem has been rock climbing for 20 years. His passion is first ascents, bigwalls and coaching/training people through fitness plateaus. While not climbing rocks he is a husband and father of two boys. His sponsors are CAMP-USA, SCARPA, Julbo, Sterling Rope, Treadwall and The American Alpine Club.

Mike Kimmel

Director of Youth Climbing

Mike Kimmel is our director of youth climbing programs and Grand Valley and the head coach for our competition team. Climbing has been his passion for over 15 years, and he is always excited to help new climbers learn to develop their skills and enjoy the sport. He has traveled around the world in pursuit of new climbs, and is constantly striving to improve his own understanding of climbing and pass it on to our kids. Mike is also a National Board Certified middle and high school teacher and when he isn’t teaching or coaching, he is out exploring the climbing found throughout Western Colorado. His sponsors include Adidas Outdoor, Five Ten, Omega Pacific, and FrictionLabs.

Cody Abshear

Team Coach

Cody moved to Colorado over three decades ago and has never wanted to live anywhere else. He started climbing 20 years ago while attending college at CMU. He has always had a passion for the outdoors including climbing, camping, hiking and mountain biking. After pursuing a career and having a family, he has rediscovered his love for climbing. He is a wonderful husband and father of three boys, Cayden, Carson and Cameron whom are all on the climbing team. Cody absolutely enjoys introducing kids to climbing in the team environment and seeing their love for the sport blossom. “I’m an old guy just trying to pass on the love for the sport.”

Manuel Prieto


Manuel is a native to Western Colorado and cancer survivor who has spent the last twenty years climbing ice and mixed terrain. He also loves alpinism, snowboard mountaineering, and snowshoeing with his lovely wife of eighteen years. Manuel caught the climbing bug while learning the “ropes” in Rocky Mountain National Park  staring down large objectives. He spends his winters in the Ouray Ice Park, summers and falls drytooling around, looking for rock to scrape his crampons and ice tools against. When not enjoying ” a fistfight with gravity” Manuel spends his time with his two Belgian Malinios’ Titan and Andromeda or helping his wife gentle and train their two wild mustangs Famke and Hemsworth.

Raine Fleming


Raine grew up in Telluride and moved to Grand Junction in 2019. She enjoys rock climbing, mountaineering, trail running and backpacking.

Ryan Schoephoersterski

Ryan is a front range native but moved to the West Slope as fast as he could. Ryan learned to climb in a PE class in high school and has been climbing ever since. He is passionate about teaching others to climb both indoors and outdoors. When Ryan is not climbing, kayaking, or playing rec. sports he’s spending time with his wife and friends. Ryan also works as a middle school physical education teacher during the school year. Ryan enjoys all types of climbing but favors crack climbing the most. His favorite place to climb is Indian Creek.

Mike Robinson

Route Setter & Attendant

Mike enjoys activities outside, especially outdoor climbing. Mike strives to do many first ascents. You will often find Mike on his bike as he usually is riding his bike for most transportation. As long as mike is outside and is able to enjoy a good meal he is happy.

Adaptive Climbing Volunteer Group

Run By: Abram Herman

Adaptive Climbing Page

Come join us at the Grand Valley Adaptive Climbing Club on the second Friday of every month from 5:30-7:30pm!

Please RSVP to RSVP HERE or 970-201-1233

Everyone is welcome! If you are a veteran with a disability it’s free to climb. For other people with a disability, as well as their friends and family, it’s only $10 to climb (including gear rentals)!

Jaden Hall


Jaden Hall is an 18 year old high school student at Grand Junction High School. He’s been rock climbing for 9 years. He stopped in October of 2017, when diagnosed with cancer at the age of 16. After beating cancer in May of 2018, he got back into the gym as therapy to get himself back into shape. His favorite thing about working at Grand Valley Climbing is working with kids, helping other reach new heights and immersing himself into a community that he so dearly loves.

Rachel Paletta

Route Setter

Dane Dulaney

Head Route Setter