About Us

Grand Valley climbing was created and conceived by Owner David Cummings with help from family and local friends. The building was constructed in the summer of 2014 and the first operational day of the company was September 14, 2014.

Our Mission our Goals

The goal of Grand Valley Climbing is to offer a healthy, social, and fun lifestyle choice for the entire grand valley community. We offer climbing, training, yoga, and kids programming in a high-quality, professionally organized facility. With this opportunity we hope to expand the community of climbers by giving new climbers a comfortable setting for being introduced into the sport and offering the established climbers a challenging and dynamic place to practice their craft. We will strive to create and offer the best possible service and programming for anyone who enters the gym in order to further the future of western slope climbing.


Our Team

David Cummings


David Cummings started climbing over 20+ years ago and has always had a passion for sharing climbing with others. He loves all forms of climbing from bouldering to big wall. When David moved to Grand Junction he decided that the western slope needed a state of the art indoor climbing gym. After years of work and combining his career with his passion David was able to open Grand Valley Climbing. David spends his time at the gym in many and all roles along with high-level strategy planning, major corporate decisions and overall operations. When he is not enjoying the outdoors or at the gym he spends time with his family Brittany and two sons Alexander and Benjamin. David enjoys teaching his boys to learn to climb and it has become a sincere hobby for both the boys inside and outside.

Chris Bursey 

Route Setting Manager

Jacob Morton

Front Desk, Group Events

Bennet Musick 

Front Desk, Group Events

Blake McFarland 

Front Desk, Group Events

Logan Righter

Front Desk, Group Events

Maria Soto

Gym Cleaner

Thomas Stetler 

Front Desk

Tyler Lake 

Front Desk

Koda Teton Cummings 

GVC Mascot

Koda loves to play with GVC kids. He also loves to run around the boulder when the gym is empty! You might see him around and hopefully he gives you a big smile on your face.

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